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If your browser not detected your web camera, follow the following steps to enable

Step 1. Open chrome browser (note:- chrome is recommended browser for our app)

Step 2. paste "chrome://flags/#unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure" without the Quotes on chrome address bar and click Enter

Step 3. Find and enable the Insecure origins treated as secure section (see below)

Step 4. Add http://hple.moh.gov.et and enable

Step 5. Save and restart/ relaunch Chrome.

camera setup


Step 1. Open computer browser and visit http://hple.moh.gov.et

Step 2. After you read instructions carefully in step 1, click on the 'I agree and continue' link and registration form displays


Step 3. After you fill all required fields click the button highlighted by 1 above

Step 4. If your name not found, the following suggestion list from your institute will display


Step 5. Search your name on the yellow list highlighted by 2 above. If it is found, try to register again with the same spelling as shown on the list

Step 6. After you fill all required fields click Next

Step 7. Account activation link will be sent to your registered email


Step 8. Go to your email and click on the activation link sent by MoH, when you click on it, it will redirect you to the login page


Step 9. Login using your username and password that are sent to your email address. (your registered email is your username)


Step 10. After sign in, this page will display


Step 11. After you fill all requireds including your Id card and Photo click submit button as shown by 3 above


Step 12. Click Ok button above and print your registration slip. You have to bring this slip during exam time


End !